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A Homey Retreat bei A Meadow House (Lakeville, CT)

4,2 Bewertet am Februar 22, 2014

Very comfortible and inviting. A warm and relaxing environment. I was "at home" as soon as I arrived and was given a Welcome Glass of Wine! PERFECT after a day of travel!

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A pleasant stay! bei A Meadow House (Lakeville, CT)

4,6 Bewertet am Februar 24, 2013

Enjoyed the ambience and care our proprietor gave us on our stay here.

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Perfectly adequate bei A Meadow House (Lakeville, CT)

2,8 Bewertet am Juni 10, 2010

I recently stayed two nights at A Meadow House. Terry is a very warm and welcoming hostess. The bed in the gold room was very comfortable, and the shower was hot with good water pressure. A Meadow House is not especially quaint or charming, but it is homey and adequate for travelers who need a place to stay in the area and cannot find accommodation at the more quaint inns. I did not read the B&B description well - when it mentioned the community bunkhouse, I knew that was not for me. When I saw the mention of a "private queen room," I understood that to mean it would have its own bathroom. Not so, but the fault is mine. And, there really was no problem sharing the bathroom with the couple staying in the only other room upstairs. Would I have made the reservation had I known the bathroom was communal? Probably not, but I had a perfectly adequate stay and appreciate Terry's hospitality.

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4,0 Bewertet am Januar 25, 2010

We were 2 couples looking for a "Wine Trail" Get-Away, and we found our new VACATION HOME at this Lovely, Warm and Inviting, little B & B. We booked two very comfortable, Queen Bedrooms, in a Charming 1850 old Farm House, with beautiful views. (Our room even had a cute little Electric Fireplace that made cuddling so warm and romantic.) Our husbands were gone for HOURS as they explored the MOUNTAIN SIDE FOOT PATHS, RIGHT FROM THE BACK YARD! I was offered the GOLF CART and took our 2 dogs out for the BEST MEADOW RUN EVER!......They were like puppies again....running free in the HUGE MEADOW that was right in front of the house. We had full use of the ENTIRE HOUSE, and especially appreciated the FULL USE of the Kitchen....we never really had to leave the house! The guys enjoyed making a Bar-B-Que Dinner for us, while I lounged in the huge hammock. After dinner, we built a roaring fire and snuggled up in lovely white wicker love seats and just enjoyed the Stars.....my friends just could not get out of the Hot Tub! It was the BEST VACATION we 4 friends ever took together, and now, we feel like we have our own Private Vacation House, as we plan for many more weekends there! It is so intimate and charming, not like a more formal, structured, large B & B that hosts many couples at a time. We had the ENTIRE HOUSE TO OURSELVES! And I could sleep in late as they offer a very flexable check out time! I picked Wild Flowers from the Hillside, dried them, and made a lovely wreath to remember our fantastic weekend at A MEADOW HOUSE!

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